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AERA or bust!

I'm attending AERA 2022 in San Diego, CA. The weather here is lovely, there is a gentle ocean breeze, and a slight chill in the air when sitting in the shade.

As a first year AERA attendant, and graduate student, I'm every type of lost, and that's okay. I know when I am presenting, Thursday 9AM, and the location, San Diego Convention Center. Beyond that, I'm clueless.

(Q. 1) How do I search the AERA presentations to find my interests?

(A. 1) The phone app is hard for this, I can't naviage it as well as I can the website. Since I can't seem to navigate the app, I'm going to sit at a park bench in the shade and looking at the ocean and add sessions I'm interested in.

From there, I used a 2 device method. Upon finding a session to attend with my computer, I would search for it on my phone to add.

This took roughly 2 hours.

(Q. 2) Is there a way to have an understanding of where all I'm going and when?

(A. 2) After I added my interests to my phone agenda, I could then go back and make a mental map of where I'm going and when.

I think this will take about 30 minutes. I haven't done it yet.

(Q. 3) Where are the reasonable priced restraunts near m

(A. 3) There is a locals guide.

(Q. 4) Which topics will require more mental energy?

(A.4) I think sessions that I'm not as familiar with will take more mental capcity. I should go back to my agenda and reevaluate if I'm concerting energy in my research direction.

(5) How do I preserve myself mentally?

(A. 5) I've talked with my colleagues about this. I'm planning on attending sessions most of the day

After asking myself these footing questions,

I found some answers, probably from others who were once wandering graduate students:

What are your plans?

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